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Brick Fest Live: A Must-See Event for Lego Enthusiasts in Milton Keynes

LEGO® fans unite – as the largest hands-on LEGO® event of its kind comes fresh from the US to make its UK debut in Milton Keynes!

For the first time ever, the world’s largest hands-on LEGO® event of its kind catapults from the US to make its UK debut in Milton Keynes this Spring. Brick Fest Live will open at the Milton Keynes, Marshall Arena on 11-12 May, with over a million LEGO® bricks on display and ready for play!


Brick Fest Live allows families to enjoy mind‐blowing creations from all over the world made entirely of this timeless toy. Children and adults will be amazed by life-sized LEGO® models and hands-on building activities assembled to set the imagination free. Brick Fest Live will also feature an enormous marketplace where avid builders will be able find rare collectibles not available anywhere else.


We’re incredibly excited to bring the smash hit Brick Fest Live all the way from the USA to venues in the UK for the first time ever. This is an event for all the family as well as hardcore LEGO® enthusiasts. And if the hugely successful American events are anything to go by, tickets will sell out fast!.” said Michael Clapham, Show Producer.

In addition to seeing the most life-size models and participating in fun building challenges, Brick Fest Live attendees can:

●      See life-size models

●      Help Build a Guinness World-Record Setting Floor Mosaic

●      Express your creativity at the hands-on build zones

●      Race your brick-built car down the 35’ long derby ramps

●      Shop Hard-to-Find LEGO® merchandise

●      Build walls of LEGO® mosaics built by attendees

●      Enter the GLOW ZONE and build with bricks that shine under blacklight

●      Play in a Brick Pit with hundreds of thousands of LEGO® bricks


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