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 Marshall Arena.

The Marshall Arena stands as the grandest indoor space in the area, captivating visitors since its inauguration in 2014 as the prestigious host of the National Badminton Championships. Over the years, this magnificent venue has witnessed a diverse range of events, from exhilarating car launches and thrilling televised darts tournaments to cutting-edge tech exhibitions, mesmerizing concerts, and unforgettable bespoke Christmas parties that have become the envy of the nation.

Spanning across three floors, the Marshall Arena offers an expansive expanse of space, encompassing balconies, green rooms, and bars, providing a multifaceted experience for guests. With a capacity to accommodate up to 5,000 attendees, the possibilities are endless within the sprawling 3,000m2 area. This remarkable venue serves as a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting the infusion of your unique branding and theming ideas.


Imagination knows no bounds at the Marshall Arena, as it readily transforms to suit your vision. Want to make a grand entrance? Drive in an articulated lorry and make a statement that will leave guests in awe. The versatility of this space is further exemplified by the transformation of one of its balconies into a traditional Irish pub for a night, complete with meticulously crafted décor, exquisite light fittings, tasteful furniture, and the enchanting melodies of a genuine Irish folk band.


At the Marshall Arena, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Step into a world where creativity reigns supreme, where every event is elevated to new heights, and where memories are etched in the hearts of all who experience its grandeur.

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