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MK Dons Celebrate Level Playing Field Unite For Access

Accessibility and Inclusion has always been at the forefront of thinking of MK Dons here at Stadium MK. Since the opening of Stadium MK in 2007, the Club have aimed to provide facilities and tackling inequality, to provide the same experiences to each individual fan.

Stadium MK, home of MK Dons, has always worked with fans to enhance and develop facilities to make improvements for disabled fans matchday experiences. Since the building of the Stadium, the Club has looked to provide suitable seating at ground level, overlooking the pitch, for supporters all around the ground.

Stadium MK is proud to recognise the fact that only a handful of other clubs have more accessible seats in their stadium.

Known as a ‘flagship for disability provision’ Stadium MK was, last year, awarded Level Playing Fields Best Away Fan experience across the Premier League, EFL and the National League, with the home of MK Dons earning the most selections.

Stadium MK is always looking to develop and provide new facilities for fans, notably in 2018. In 2018, under the national Changing Places scheme, Stadium MK became the first football stadium to provide a fully equipped specialist disabled changing facilities, supported and in conjunction with the MK Dons Supporters Association (MKDSA).

The feedback and communication with fans has helped Stadium MK look forward and provide inclusivity for all fans through feedback based changes. Following feedback from fans, Stadium MK has worked with groups such as the MKDSA and the Supporters’ Board to make adjustments to the matchday experience. These have been small things, that make a big difference such as providing additional signage for accessibility seating, providing easy, step free access to enter the ground, dedicated entry for accessible supporters, or introducing concourse delivery so that disabled fans can enjoy items from our kiosks without having to queue.

MK Dons provide away fans an accessible mini bus as part of the Official MK Dons away travel, and have done since 2010. The mini bus is used by both Wheelchair users and fans who find it more suited to travelling on a larger, full size, coach. In the 2022/23 season, the Club has seen more fans utilising this service not only for accessibility reasons but for a more peaceful traveling experience for those with autism. The minibus allows the opportunity for fans, who often struggle with travelling, to visit football stadiums and watch live football creating memories and experiences.

Back at Stadium MK, MK Dons are also pleased to have several soccer sight sets, with the provision to purchase more sets before the end of the 2022/23 season. Soccer Sight sets provide play by play commentary where every kick of the ball can be followed by Milton Keynes Hospital Radio reporters.

As well as specific reserved tables for those with accessibility issues in Stadium fan bars, Stadium MK is also proud to have the third-most accessible toilets in England, including the Premier League, allowing disabled fans the opportunity to use toilets without the stress of queuing or the worry of cleanliness.

As part of Level Playing Fields Unite for Access campaign, Stadium MK have also launched and opened brand new Stoma-friendly facilities. The facilities will provide a safe, clean space, with clear signage, as well as supporting those with additional needs - CLICK HERE for more information!

Stadium MK has always looked forward to provide facilities for all fans to enjoy football. In 2023, as we ‘Unite for Access’, the Club continues to work alongside supporters and organisations to continuously develop and improve matchday experiences for all.

For more information, or to read or submit a review about the Stadium MK experience, CLICK HERE and visit Level Playing Field website!

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